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Being safe should be simple. SimpliSafe is easy to self-install, easy to purchase direct online, and doesn’t require a phone line or long-term contract. SimpliSafe alarms are wireless, cellular, and customizable so they’ll fit any home. For decades the alarm industry has tricked homeowners into signing expensive long-term contracts, charged hundreds for installation, and pushed alarm systems ridden with outdated technology. Try SimpliSafe if you want home security without being locked-in to 3 years of monthly fees that often total up to $1,547 (or more!). No Commitments, No Signatures, No Lock-Ins. SimpliSafe is wireless and installs in minutes. Your system arrives pre-programmed to work instantly. No wires, no strangers drilling holes in your walls. Do it yourself to save hundreds on installation and thousands with no contract alarm monitoring plans.

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