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While we are independent of UBuildIt and not directly affiliated with them we have worked directly with UBuildIt clients for over 7 years and uniquely understand their distinct needs.

Our team of custom designers are qualified to draw CAAD plans for you of any style: European, Log Home, Ranch, French County, and Contemporary… anything you can imagine we can draw!

Contact us today and within 24 hours a Creative Home Design team member will contact you about what you want to accomplish. You will need a phone and a computer with internet access and hopefully scanning capability (if you don’t have a scanner your local UBuildIt office can provide this service for you). We will work online ‘live’ to discuss your vision. After that it will take us a week to ten days to come up with your first rough draft. We will then need to schedule a time to have another live online chat to see how well we captured your vision and to make changes accordingly. This process will be repeated until you have the plan you want!

A copy of that plan will be sent to your UBuildIt consultant when you are ready for your UBuildIt Specifications Meeting and formal Plan review. FYI: Your UBuildIt consultant will be included on all stages of the plan design. Their input from a cost to build standpoint always proves invaluable.

At the end of the Spec Meeting you and your consultant will give us your final changes and we will formally finalize the plan! This step is usually completed in a matter of days.


UBuildIt Clients:

$2,250.00 base and just $.50 a foot for additional footage.


Our normal cost for custom designed plans is $6,000 up to 5,000 square foot total under roof then $1.35 a square foot after that. UBuildIt clients receive a Sixty Two and a Half Percent Discount (62.5%)!


UBuildIt Clients: $2,250.00 base and just fifty cents a foot for additional footage a savings of 62.5%!

This includes Floor Plans, Base Electrical Plan, Foundation Plan, Roof Plan, and Elevations*.

Payment for UBuildIt Clients is made in three equal stages:

  1. Up front, prior to beginning
  2. Upon delivery of plans for the UBuildIt Spec Meeting
  3. At the time completion. (additional charges would apply for any subsequent changes to the plans from this point forward.)

Not yet a UBuildIt Client but planning to be? We will refund half (50%) of your total fee when we receive confirmation that you have signed your UBuildIt contract! Payment in full must be received before any refund could take place. Payment is due 70% up front and 30% at completion.

*If additional pages or plans are required for your area please let us know, additional charges may apply. Engineering stamp is not included. Color Renderings are also available at an additional fee.

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UBuildIt Clients:

$2,250.00 base and just $.50 a foot for additional footage.



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